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Skin Tea Is It!

September 2023

The formula delivers foundational nutrients that the skin loves thanks to herbs like vitamin c-rich rose hips, & mineral rich nettles & oatstraw. We also include our favorite gentle liver & lymphatic herbs like chrysanthemum & calendula which support healthy, glowing skin.

Ingredients: Rosehips (Rosa canina), Oat Straw (Avena sativa), Nettle (Urtica dioica), Hibiscus, Calendula (Calendula officinalis), Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium), Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia), Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Super high in vitamin c & moistening in nature.  All herbs have an energetic quality/ “nature” to them & we love hydrating herbs to support healthy skin.

An ultimate soother to the nervous system, oatstraw is a balancing & nourishing herb.  Remember when we support our nervous system, we support our skin. 

Nettle leaf is rich in carotenoids, is a deep verdant leaf we use to bump up this formula’s rich phytonutrient offerings! Among other things, antioxidants found in the dermal biome include vitamins, enzymes & carotenoids!  We love including nettle in this formula because most of these substances in the skin cannot be produced by the human body itself!  (1) That’s why fruits, vegetables & herbs are great sources of it.  

Hibiscus flower is abundant in antioxidants, vitamin c and beta carotene. These flowers are also moistening, which add a hydrating boost to this tea blend.

Calendula is prized for its affinity for wound healing and benefiting the skin topically. Internally, calendula does the same by soothing and strengthening our digestive mucosa (and even supporting Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It’s also a gentle lymphatic, which helps move the (major) amazing part of our immune system ​(lymph!!) A lymphatic herb = an herb that moves, soothes & stimulates lymph.

We listed it as ju hua (it’s Chinese name!) on the label because Chrysanthemum is a thirteen-letter flower that we LOVE.  Why?  It quells & calms the liver and its flavor profile is reminiscent of a mid-summer picnic.  In Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum enters the lung and liver meridians, and its main action is to disperse wind heat from the head. Calming liver yang, Chrysanthemum relieves toxicity and disperses “wind heat” in the lungs. The white variety has an affinity for the liver.  (Remember the liver & skin are bffs.)  Sounds like a healing summertime breeze, right?

Hence the best cinnamon roll flavor profile, cinnamon is warming & deeply nourishing to your gut & anti-inflammatory to your whole system.  And of course, cinnamon is a rockstar in balancing blood sugar levels. 

Licorice is indicated (read: good!) for allergic skin (psoriasis & eczema, anybody?).  Licorice helps build blood & hold bloods’ volume.  It’s a classic circulatory stimulant. It supports adrenal function brings a sweet & very slightly bitter taste to this formula. 

Enjoy sipping & sharing your Skin Tea!

- (updated 9/13)
If you’re one of the many Practitioners who have reached out about wholesaling Skin Tea in their practice, you’re in the right place.  ︎  HI!  Nice to meet you ︎ Please email Allie at allie@tryearthallies.com with subject line: ︎ Let’s Share Skin Tea !



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