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How We Approach All Of This  

We treat the whole person.  We do not just treat the disease that is presenting itself in your body. ︎  You are what we treat.

We believe the body is a self-healing ecosystem.  ︎  You are capable of healing yourself.  

We value the relationship of all systems whether that’s the endocrine & reproductive or racial inequality & the environment.*  ︎   You are interconnected.  

We are a community of shareable resources.  ︎ You, too, are a part of a web.

We are rooted in our local communities & we offer advice from an approachable, humble framework.  We recognize that lifestyle promotes health or promotes disease.   ︎  You & your actions add up.

We acknowldge pain, pleasure, & all forms of feeling.  We know that going to the roots of our selves & the roots of an imbalance is hard, honorable work.  ︎  You are seen. We think you are in good hands here; see what humans are saying.

We value your unique comprehension of your experience & your body.  Our role to is to provide thoughtful reflections & recommendations that foster ease for your unique processes of feeling well.  ︎  You know best.  

We value herbal education & educate our clients because we know that access to Herbalism & reliable information about plants, funghi, herbs, food & other organic allies unlocks empathy & resilience within us all.  See our next workshop series.  ︎   You are capable of knowing.  

We rly care abt the Earth and all of her beings.  ︎   You are definitely Earth.

*Note that the acknowledgment of a (painful, collapsed or broken) system leads to readjusting, reimagining & reblooming of a system.  There is so much potential in pain.


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