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Support yourself organically & sustainably with these daily plant & herb based formulas

Supporting your biomes + body in organic ways

We Are

Earth Allies is a human and plant-centered telehealth network, led by a team of holistically minded clinical herbalists and nutrition experts.


We offer 1:1 Wellness Consultations that dive deep into your body as a self-healing ecosystem. Our services support what we call the BIOMES of your body. Digestive, cervical, dermal, mental and cyclical biomes are some of our specialties. Peruse our focused biome offerings below and you’ll be paired with a specialist.


You Are

You are a plant-curious human ready to align your health goals in a grounded & safe container. You desire to expand your capacity to feel well, seen and held through your healing journey.


You are lit up by the idea of deepening your relationship with herbs, whole foods and daily rituals.   You are ready to approach your health from a root-cause perspective and make a commitment to integrate the transformations you want to see in your life.

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