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12 Herbs to Grow Right Now

May 2023

Sometimes a client just wants to know what herbs to grow that will be good for them.  Here are a dozen!  Plus 6 edible flowers.  

  1. Skullcap ︎ Scutellaria  
    It’s easy to grow, is a mint family member, best thing for anxiety.  Use as tea or make tincture.
  2. Lemon Verbena ︎ Aloysia citrodora
    So wonderful for tea!  Downward energy, good for focus.  Lemon Verbena is in our ︎︎︎ Mind Tea.
  3. Sage  ︎ Salvia
    Choose a really yummy Sage that speaks to you...  Sages are sage for tea, facial steams, foot baths & cooking of course.
  4. Yarrow ︎ Achillea millefolium
    Perfect for fevers, wounds, oral health as a rinse.  Easy to grow!  Does best in dryer soil & will really thrive everywhere.  
  5. Valerian ︎ Valeriana officinalis
    If you have any trouble sleeping, grow this!  Super bitter & super supportive.
  6. Motherwort ︎ Leonurus cardiaca
    Choose any Motherwort.  Energetically this has been one of my most potent allies when all I really needed to do in life was take good care of myself.  This plant does it every time.  Bitter as f!#k & such a good teacher. 
  7. Clary Sage ︎ Salvia sclarea
    The 🐝 🐝 🐝 love it.  You will, too.  ***not indicated for pregnant people.   We love our Clary Sage Botanical Water.
  8. Tulsi ︎
    There are three kinds.  This is the softest adaptogen I’ve ever worked with.  Floral & grounding.  Lovely in teas.  It is a form of basil so grow it as such.  Easy to save seeds at the end of season, too for next year!  Tiny yet so easy!  Tulsi is in our Mind Tea & Gut Tea.  
  9. Chrysanthemum ︎ Chrysanthemum morifolium
    We formulated with this in our Skin Tea & for good reason.  Its endearing.  It’s like cool potpourri vibes.  It clears heat, opens up the body for slow, supportive internal movement.    Best kind to grow for tea is the morifolium.  Such a beauty!  ***Be aware if you’re allergic to daisies as you may be allergic to this.  Consult with your Herbalist aka us or someone else you trust!
  10. CHAMOMILE!  ︎ Matricaria chamomilla
    Enough said!  So much can be supported with a cup of “CHAM” a day even if you’re a coffee drinker.  CHAM just drops people back into bodies & is so so good for digestive things.  For lingering digestive dis-ease a double/triple dose of this tea shows to be incredible supportive.  Chamomile is in our Gut Tea.
  11. Feverfew ︎ Tanacetum parthenium
    If you experience migraines or headaches, Feverfew is the 🧠 ally. 
  12. Rose Geranium ︎ Pelargonium graveolens
    We love our Rose Geranium Botanical Water!   Super super good in a body oil.  Gently let leaves dry to release some of water & infuse in favorite organic oil.  Great for feet!  Between toes, microbial spots.

Add a pop of color to your garden & your plate with these beauties:
Colorful, edible plants & flowers:
  • Violet
  • Nasturtium
  • Borage!
  • Nettles!  Pesto pesto presto pesto!
  • Calendula
  • Cornflower



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