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Moon in Aries

March 2023

On March 20, we had a New Moon at 0° Aries. We will have another New Moon in Aries at the end of Aries season on April 19. Aries is the beginning of the 12-sign cycle. It corresponds to the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, aka Spring. Each year there is a sign that experiences a double New Moon because there are 13 Moons in a 12-month / 12-sign cycle (determined by the movement of the Sun).

With Aries at the start of cycle, there is energy for newness, fresh starts, bursts of energy like the wonder of a new sprout determined to grow through cracks in the cement - the quintessential image of Spring. This season, if you had an eye to the sky or an ear to those speaking Astrology, you may be aware that there has been a lot of planetary movements marking change - marking the ending and beginning of new cycles:

  • Jupiter in Aries (end of Dec ’22 - May ’23), denoting a new Jupiterian 12-year cycle
  • Pluto moved into Aquarius (March ’23 - June ’23) after having been in Capricorn since 2008 (it will move back to Cap before landing in Aquarius for a swift 21 years)
  • Mars entered Cancer March 25 after 7-months (uncharacteristically long) in Gemini

Personally, the more time I spend with or on anything - a person, a project, a routine - the heavier and harder it feels to change so I want to invite the unfolding of newness to be a process not a moment. Sometimes the sprout courageously popping through cement exhibiting determination, exuberance and zest for life is not the whole picture of our experience. It is like the IG version that may be partly true while there is a whole photo reel unexposed that paints a different picture.

Here in Chochenyo Ohlone land, aka Oakland, I saw a lot of people getting sick last week. I work in a student clinic practicing acupuncture and herbs in a Traditional Chinese Medicine school and the way Spring showed up was with a lot of colds and fatigue and confusion. Spring takes energy and sometimes the burst it requires is not in the tank. Sometimes, we are vulnerable in spring especially in a capitalist system in which the demands of life never slow, meaning, we don’t get the rest and nourishment through fall and winter that lends a storehouse of energy come spring. And yet, life finds a way. In addition to the observations of what felt hard, there was also a friend becoming a new mom, a grand-opening for a bi-lingual collective Tarot project (Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution), and peach blossoms.

See, it’s so dynamic. We are so dynamic.

With the first of two Aries-season new moons, I find myself curious to observe where in my life I feel change, newness, determination. I also find myself holding space for endings and loss and the grief for what won’t be coming with me. I find myself acknowledging the double-new-moon-magic in Aries as an invitation to unfold, to nurture newness into being and foster the boldness of intention-setting and bursting through the cracks.

Some ideas on how to tend:
  • Where & how do you feel bold? Maybe it’s blasting music & letting loose alone; taking up a new hobby; going on a first date; cleansing your closet.
  • Definitely tend to your immune system - pushing through on pure determination is so Aries but it’s OK to bring support. 

  • Gut Tea for digestive nourishment & immunity, centering intuition to support & discern what stays & what gets released.  We don’t need to cleanse when we tend.
  • Rose Flower Drops for grieving & letting go
  • Lavender Botanical Water for cooling & calming the double fire Aries full moon without putting out the fire.

  • Acknowledge what’s wrapping up 
  • Acknowledge where you see growth

︎ from, jenna

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