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New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon, the Dark Moon, goes dark at the beginning of the Pisces solar cycle. The Sun, having entered Pisces on 2 | 18, joins hands with the Moon on 2 | 20.  It’s in this joining together (read: same sign + same degree)  that we experience a New/Dark Moon.  This Piscean cycle carries those of us living in the northern hemisphere from winter to spring.  The movement of seasons is a slow journey.   It is a process of subtle emergence.   Be gentle. 

Dark Winter + Sour Grass.
Here within this realm, I see what grows unintentionally in the dark of winter.  It is here I realize what I will tend and what I will offer room to grow.

In this season, Sour Grass (Oxalis pes-caprae) grows unencumbered in my garden.  An “invasive species” - called such because it grows rampantly &, like me, is not native to the occupied Chochenyo Ohlone land I presently call home.  Sour Grass, vivacious & brightly flowered, breathes with the light. Like, legit. Its flowers close as shade is cast upon it and opens wide when the Sun is fully shining. Invited to call it by a name unique to my relationship to it, I call it Giddy Feet. Giddy Feet is used for dyes and for digestion; it is a heat reducing, poisonous-snake-bite quelling, swollen-muscle-reducing herb. With half a mind to let it stay growing wild, I also heard the Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) Psst... One spot left in HIlary’s 2/26 Mugwort class in Sonoma!  asking for more space. The garden has stayed untouched long enough. And yet, sometimes it needs to be like that. Sometimes, things just need to be. *

Our (Wild) Bodies.  Waves.
In the dark of winter as Giddy Feet claimed the outside, I felt grief claiming my insides as a response to change, to shame, to loneliness.  I felt this growing wild within me.  And as the call of spring flirts with the edges of winter receding, it feels time to pick the Giddy Feet.  To let the tears return to the ocean, dry the face, and pull the paints out. To see what will grow where grief has been.

So in this time of emergence and following the Moon as a symbol for change that helps me change, I think of how the energetics of this moon flavors our solar month (2|18 - 3|19) with an invitation to consider our bodies, the water within us : tears of joy, hydration, the water that bathes our organs and insides, our grief, our tides,  whatever names we give the waves. I think of how the moon asks us to consider our physical and emotional needs. How we listen to ourselves. Our intuition. How we meet the internal voices that uplift us and how we tend to the voices that feel like thorns.

Water Sign.
Pisces, the land in which the Moon goes dark on 2 | 20, is a Water sign, forming a triad with Cancer and Scorpio, each with slightly different properties and depths they like to take us to. Pisces is mutable - meaning- it is dynamic and changing & flowing and invites us to the ocean, to bodies of water. 

b o d i e s. 

Where Cancer brings our attention to the surface and Scorpio invites us to dwell on the ocean floor, Pisces invites us to be with, be in the current of our lives, our waking dreams and our sleeping ones. This New Moon is in a supportive relationship to the North Node - a spiritual North Star - in sensual, practical Earthy Taurus who is fixed and whose energy invites us to notice our values and how we tend, align, & act in service and integrity to them with the resources we hold dear. Resources like acts of beauty & care; like money; like time & energy. This supportive relationship between Moon and North Node, highlighted by the Sun, invites us to nurture our life force, our vitality (Sun) through embodying (Moon) our dreams (Pisces) in honor of our pleasure.

Let us trust that our pleasure is an act of service that makes the dream we hold for all more tangible.

Try This.

︎ Baths 
Try a foot bath of Lavender.  On a similar gift to your nervous system, try Lavender Flower Drops for internal sweet medicine & Lavender Botanical Water for an external exhale.  

︎ Bitter Medicine
A tincture of Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) before bed.

 ︎ Intention
Whisper into & draw love notes on water vessels and stay hydrated. ***

︎ Visualizaion
Imagine water cleansing the insides of your bodies. Let the water wash away any stuck, stagnant energy. Visualization is a sweet way to commune with our inner worlds.

Steep a glorious cup of Mind Tea, THE MOST gentle wave for your mind featuring our flavorites Linden & Damiana plus the most gorgeous Tulsi, the sensational, ever patient Gotu Kola & the unwavering, subtle duo of Lemon Verbena & Rosemary.

︎ Forgive yourself one thing.
︎ Give thanks to Water.

︎ from, jenna



Thank you to friends Bean and Oona at Canticle Farm for the invitation to gather and share our relationship with Oxalis pes-caprae aka Sour Grass aka Giddy Feet.  And to Ruby, whose share greatly inspired this part.


Inspired by life and Adrienne Marie Brown’s Pleasure Activism. 


Inspired by Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, showing the effects of words of affirmations on water. Scoop it.  Gorgeous visuals.

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