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Babies & Children

How We Approach Our Products & Young Ones  

Are your products safe during pregnancy & lactation?
All our Botanical WatersFacial Oil Serums, Rose Flower Drops & Lavender Flower Drops  are safe during pregnancy and lactation.  We do not recommend using Verdance Cleanser and consuming any of our Teas during pregnancy or lactation.

Botanical Waters

Chamomile, Lavender & Rose
are generally safe and are winners for baby bums and diaper bags!
Flower Drops - Rose and Lavender are safe topically for infants, these are made with 100% pure organic flax (linseed) glycerin and fresh flower extract.

Curious about what herbs are
generally pregnancy safe or lactation safe?

Here’s a comprehensive ︎︎︎ list compiled by the brilliant clinical herbalist, Camille Freeman.

Our Craft We are lit up by Whole-Plant Medicine.

This translates to whole plants infused into your medicines. Leaf, flower, root, stem and all. There’s a natural order and balance of these plants’ complex constituents transferred into medicines that tend to be safer than concentrated, isolated constituents found in certain extracts.  You’ll find these whole plant extraction methods in Flower Drops and Facial Oil Serums*.   Our Dawn & Dusk Facial Oil Serums and Verdance Cleanser currently contain >1% essential oils, however you’ll want to avoid these products on babies. Stay tuned! We are dropping an EO free line in the near future.

Copper Steam-distilled Hydrosols:
Botanical Waters will be the gentlest to use on your babes! These artisanal waters naturally separate out the majority of the essential oils & the resulting product is the steam distilled water constituents of plants. Chamomile, rose, lavender are winners for diaper bags and baby bums!

*The information on this website is for educational and general informational purposes only. This site does not contain medical/health advice. The information here does not substitute professional medical advice. We always recommend doing your own homework and consult with an appropriate professional.

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