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Still Bolstering; you?

Jan. 2023

︎︎︎ Winter isn’t over & this season is the chosen one for self-care, preventative care, immune system care.

Meet Bolster, a warming, balancing blend to build the body’s innate vitality.  As colder months continue enveloping the northern hemisphere, it takes a little more effort to stay healthy.  

You have a powerful, robust immune ecosystem.  Bolster it. 

Bolster is high in flavonoids, rich in adaptogens & yummy in taste. Inspired by native plants of New England, we’re sharing an easy way to keep your vitality vital

A tincture is a constellation of support for your organs, your energetics, your system.  As herbs work best in thoughtful pairings, we formulate to ensure the integrity of the extract moves synergistically.  In Bolster, some herbs lead the formula with foundational nutrients & immunostimulating properties, some hold the texture of the formula in place, others bend the formula to the body systems, while still another makes it puckery, bright & yummy.   It is all a potent, harmonious cascade.  In addition to organic cane alcohol, organic flax glycerine & filtered water, Bolster consists of 6 herbs:

Shizandra, Billberry, Reishi, New England Aster, Licorice, Angelica

  • supports 5 zang organs while encompassing all five tastes, too. 
  • these berries bring a delicious, well-rounded zip (& zang) to this blend.
  • antiviral, immunostimulating & antioxidative (1). 

  • Abundant in New England where we prepared BOLSTER. In lieu of leaning into Elderberry, which you can easily find in seemingly every aisle of WF & from many amazing herbalists, we thoughtfully chose Bilberry, which is like its cool, humble cousin.
  • Bilberry has a long history of use by all in this region.
  • It brings a tangy, punchy, sorta sweet (in a sharp way!) & prismatic side to this tincture.
  • The deep blue & magnetic magenta color from this formula comes from anthocyanin, a flavonoid in Bilberry that is an incredible antioxidant. 
  • Organic

  • This mushroom grounds this formula & offers a simple & adrenal loving addition.
  • It’s the very grounding part of this formula. 
  • Nerd out on all things Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) here. 
  • Wildcrafted

New England Aster
  • We love this late blooming pollinator. It’s literally one of the bees last allies, the garden’s last colorful lungs on stems before everything dies back. Talk about vibrancy in the cold, this plant literally shows us how to stay shining in cooler temps. 
  • We use this in a really low dose in this blend because wow, a little bit will go a long way. 
  • Antiviral
  • Grown with organic practices

  • Allie’s go-to for building warmth & blood volume.
  • Support the integrity of immune with Angelica, too. 
  • Organic

  • If you want to synergize a mushroom, two berries, a pungent purple flower & a root then y e s for licorice for it’s harmonizing capacity, silky finish & adaptogenic mastery!


Take Bolster daily at the onset of symptoms or when you know you’re about to be burning the candle at both ends.  

(1) Shisandra

If you’re seeking support to source herbs or other forms of allies as you navigate winter, you’re welcome to reach out.  Email Allie (allie@tryearthallies.com) with subject line Still Bolstering; you?

Take care this season!



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