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Clinical Herbalists

Hilary Go

Hilary is a clinical herbalist, holistic nutrition consultant and herbal skincare formulator.  She inspires simple ways to integrate medicinal herbs & healing foods into one’s routines. and skin care rituals.

As a gut and dermal biome specialist at Earth Allies, Hilary is passionate about the dynamic relationship between the inner and outer realms.  An avid student of Chinese medicine, she observes how the skin is a messenger for the vital force within, an expression of our internal ecosystem.  We are not separate from the whole!  Balancing one’s internal environment is often an integral part of healing an external condition that presents itself on the dermis.

Her client centered approach with you is rooted in cultivating an empowering relationship with your body. She establishes foundational nourishment, deep listening and trust in the innate healing you have. Driven by root-cause perspectives, Hilary’s interdisciplinary background of western herbalism, holistic nutrition science, and Chinese medicine creates a wide & grounded experience for the client.  She believes in healthcare that is inclusive, compassionate and empowering (Yass!) & practices as such;  she honors all the facets of where one is in their health journey & tailors recommendations & formulas to suit your uniqueness.

Hilary completed her clinical herbal training at the California School of Herbal Studies and has earned a holistic nutrition consultant certification from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. She is currently investing in continued education at Five Branches University’s Doctor of Chinese Medicine program and formulates for her own medicinal line, Eating Flowers.

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Isabella Ayala de Credico,

Isabella is a dermal biome specialist.  She is a clinical herbalist, an educator, and herbal product formulator. She is passionate about the ecosystems of the body as so often what is being expressed externally has roots internally.

Through her studies of herbal medicine as well as her time working in the skincare industry, she has developed a holistic perspective and approach when working with the dermal biome. In a session with Isabella, she will spend time with you deepening into your physical, emotional, spiritual background and well-being. Exploring the landscape of the whole of you, Isabella takes a whole-body approach to uncover the root-cause of symptoms. With her knowledge of internal herbal medicine, her passion for healthy skin, paired with her understanding of the skincare products on the market, she is here to support your skin organically.

With curiosity & compassion, she offers you accessible ways to feel well, improve tissue states, and resolve expressions of disease through medicinal herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle.  She believes you are your own healer, and is here to empower you and help guide you towards & through your wellness states. 

Isabella holds a BA in Communication from UC Davis and is a Certified Herbalist through the California School of Herbal Studies. She continues to invest in training and continuing education including Functional Herbalism, Cosmetic Chemistry, Botanical Skin Care Formulation, Holistic Approaches to Skin, and Anti-Racism and Herbalism. She is an educator at the
California School of Herbal Studies and a contributing writer to Learning Herbs.

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Allie Cuozzo

Allie Cuozzo is an herbalist & birth doula.  Her clinical focus is on the prevention of cervical cancer through long-term botanical approaches for cervical dysplasia.

She makes medicine personal & approachable & tbh joyful with her deep reverence for the botanical world, forest ecology & native garden habitats.   Her mediterranean lineage is embedded into the way she works 1:1 with clients.  Her expression of herbalism shows up in how to frame & reframe (y)our health stories so that there is a consciousness & thus the ability to constantly evolve in relation to dynamic wellness states.  She believes there is no static goal in healing; we have always been & will always be cyclical beings in cyclical bodies.  Change is our ally.  Earth is our ally.  Plants as allies.  You are your ally.

Her approach to care is through an ecological perspective.  To her, this means investing in the root cause of a disease state, gathering resources, investing in un-learning to learn & actually balancing the energetic & physical body in sustainable ways so wellness is the outcome of understanding, harmony & inclusivity.

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