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It’s Us, Earth Allies

Mar. 2023

Did you know the root of Earth Allies are our one-on-one herbal consultations? We are passionate and eager to hold space for you and support you through your health goals. 

︎︎︎ More than a health screening! As clinical herbalists, our goal is to support you as a whole person. We take the time to get to know you, your health history and your goals for the week, season and year.

︎︎︎ A uniquely qualified team of herbalists…
Each of us have gone through a two year clinical herbal program at the California School of Herbal Studies (where we three met!) as well as furthered our training and specialities through various programs, mentorships and professional experiences. Peep our Wellness Consultations page for pertinent details, and find out about our practitioner team below:


Allie Cuozzo

(She/Her), Clinical Herbalist, Doula

3 Words to Describe Them: Tender, Energetic, Very very very calm

Tools Used to Support YOU: Matching energetics of plants with energetics of people. An approach that’s livable, sustainable & considers the way the client moves through the world. Supporting the parts of us that we cannot see.

Specialties: Pre & Post Natal Care, Cervical Health, Brain Health, Chronic Pain & Trauma

Practitioner superpower: My unwavering undercurrent of resilience & joy.

Hilary Go

(She/Her), Clinical Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, (Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Doctorate Candidate)

3 Words to Describe Them: Warm, Patient, Adaptive

Tools Used to Support YOU: Healing foods and yummy recipes. Integrating a Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine lens. Deep Listening. Herbs and creative practices that are matched to your individual constitution and needs.

Specialities: digestion, stress, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, menstrual cycle health, sleep.

Practitioner superpower: Co-creating an inspiring plan of action that meets you where you are at in your healing journey!

Isabella Ayala DeCredico

(She/Her), Clinical Herbalist
3 Words to Describe Them: Inquisitive, Caring, Creative

Tools Used to Support YOU: Bio-individuality & whole body lens, guiding clients to deeper understand how their body works, co-creating daily practices, nutrition, and herbal & supplemental support

Specialities: Seasonal Care, Preventative Care, Nervous System ​(stress, anxiety, depression), Sleep, Gut Health, Skin Health

Practitioner superpower: A deep belief that we can create a harmonious relationship with our body, mind & spirit.


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