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Flower Drops

Ephemeral essence of fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers are gathered at peak aroma & cold-processed to make an extract that capture their true, vibrational nature.This is sweet intoxication ︎ A daily flower bomb ︎ Romantic to the core ︎ Sweet flavors for internal & external routines.  If you have ever wanted to drink petals, try these Flower Drops.

Internal & External Uses:
INTERNAL: Take for a mood booster, uplifter, when you need ower energy right now. Succulent & juicy! A sweet (literally) & non-alcoholic way to enjoy Nature.
EXTERNAL: Add a drop to your daily skincare routine.  All of these are really lovely in a dollop of cream when you want to boost it with Rose (astringent, cooling, soothing),
Yarrow (circulating, stimulating, antimicrobial) & Lavender (calming, redness & burn banishing.

Moisture Boost
Our special, local glycerin is a humectant so it draws water & holds it in your skin.   Flower Drops boosts the moisturizing properties of what you’re putting on your skin!
Great in tandem with our Hydrosols. Enjoy!


Yar-row it is.  Imbibe often.
With the striking duality of bitter & sweet, any curious palette will say yes to this well-rounded sensation.  It’s the unsung hero of our flower drops.  Prepare thoughtful mocktails or cocktails with this one.  A nourishing aid to your energetic boundaries.  A blood, vessel and circulation powerhouse, find flow internally and externally through Yarrow. Supremely support your oral health by massaging into sore gums post-dental visit. Give it a drop!  See what Yarrow is all about.

Organic flax glycerin, fresh yarrow flowers


Soft & infinite.  Earthy & ethereal.
Lavender Flower Drop adjusts the mood by uplifting the spirit & grounding the nerves.  It’s moment medicine.  Lavender will help slow you down, aligning you to a sustainable pace.  A few dropperfuls transforms your morning bev into an instant lavender latte.  Try weaving this into your wind down ritual and sleep routine.   It feels especially designed for artists, elementary school teachers and the like. 

Organic flax glycerin, fresh lavender flowers


Fresh rose petals.
Moistening, cooling & sublime.
An aromatic haiku.
A humectant, rose petals add and retain moisture in our tissues.  We love Rose Flower Drop for all skin types & it is especially lovely for sensitive & maturing skin.
Supportive during times of grief & heartache. It shows us the balance between strong boundaries & an open heart.

Organic flax glycerin, fresh rose petals


Light, bright and instantly joy-inspiring, we are essentially calling it sun nectar in a bottle.  Drop this bright beauty directly on your tongue, sparkling water or add a drop to your skincare ritual for its softening & regenerative properties.  Lemon Blossom tastes warm & eager, a divine tang & sweet way to uplift & focus.  

Organic flax glycerin, fresh lemon blossoms

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