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Organic Journey for Cyclical Health

There is actually nothing more nourishing than being in an honest & understanding relationship with your cycle, with the parts of you that are designed to evolve, birth, bleed, become.  For those assigned female at birth, the wombsphere is intuitive, wise & often challenging.  Menstruation specifically is so nuanced, so full of potential.  Our cyclical wellness sessions tune into this ecosystem of the body.  We listen to your specific cyclical pattern because we know every menstruating folk is different.  We all bleed uniquely.   Clinically, we create a platform to nourish your liver, your blood, your pelvic area, & create a balanced, realistic protocol to support you with PMS, mood swings, fertility q’s,  cramps, uterine fibroids & hormonal health.   Filled with circulatory stimulants, alteratives & anti-spasmodic herbs, we guide you into the botanical world & tailor custom tinctures, teas & advice for you & your body.  Approached from a Chinese Medicine lens, our ongoing support is perfect for those looking to reset the story of being in a bleeding body. 

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