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Season of Things That Bloom

The nature of our product line is artisanal, hand-harvested & hand-made. 
It’s led by the seasons.
We love this as we are able to share what is fresh & in season.

Gut Review

Zoe - Age 35 - Hawai’i Island
We met Zoe in early January of 2O2O.   She had a parasite present in her GI tract as confirmed by GutZoomer.   The custom tincture blend & two tea blends we formulated with the intention of eradicating the parasite & soothe & support her digestive health.

Lab Results as of 06.2021:
Colonoscopy + Endoscopy = All Clear

I turned to Allie for help & guidance after receiving my GI lab test results.
I felt defeated by my MD’s response to healing my gut. My intuition told me that I was dealing with something more than just a parasite.

Allie was able to  get a sense of what I was dealing with on a physical and emotional level. She listened and she took action; I felt like I was held and supported by her even from thousands of miles away!

Allie created an approachable protocol for me to follow.  This protocol for my gut health was potent yet gentle and easy to comply with.  I am deeply grateful her unique perspective, incredible knowledge and empathic wisdom.

Cervicovaginal Review

Tevi - Age 34 - Portland, Oregon
We met Tevi in 2019.   She was diagnosed with CIN-2.

Lab Results as of 04.2021:
Pap Smear & Colposcopy = All Clear

After a long bout with HPV, my primary care physician recommended getting a LEEP procedure. Before electing to do so, I wanted to try to give my body one last chance to heal naturally. Allie stepped in as a kind and compassionate ally in thinking about my health more holistically; she crafted plant remedies that complimented my new routines around diet and stress management. Allie really felt like a partner, invested in my mental and physical well being throughout. She checked in, knew when my appointments were coming up, and gave me a realm of ideas and options to consider on my path to health. My colposcopy was clean six month later, for the first time in eight years. There's a chance it will come back again, but when it does my first instinct will be to turn to Allie once again so I tackle my heath with the care it deserves.