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Season of Things That Bloom

The nature of our product line is artisanal, hand-harvested & hand-made. 
It’s led by the seasons.
We love this as we are able to share what is fresh & in season.

 Wellness Workshops
Thursdays 7 - 7:30
*all times EST

This Body is Mine
July 29, 7p*
Plants & Your Path to Personal Power

Summer Vibes
August 5, 7p*
8 Herbs for Gentle, Nervous System Love

Cool, Cool

August 12, 7p*
Be Cool/Stay Cool: A Portal into the Energetics of Plants

August 19, 7p*
Fluid Digestion 101.  Perfect for ppl that can feel bloated, constipated & full

“No” is a Complete Sentence
August 26, 7p*
Weekly ways to build an intuition nobody can F with.  

Where Brooklyn At!
September 2, 7p*
Saying Yes to BioRegional Herbalism

Individual Class

All 6 Classes

Join me while you’re slicing cukes for dinner or unpacking your kids’ camp bag or washing off that sand from your beach body.  Now’s the perf time to learn a little about how vital plants are & how healthy you can be when you work with them.  Invite a frand!  We’re so grateful for your support & commitment to your health-aye, mindful, empowered life; see you / unmute you, later!