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Botanical Things
to Bring With

This vision for offering this to y’all came from when Allie was wfb.  Work From Brazil is a thing.  She was seeing a client let’s call P* from Montreal.  We all usually see clients while in our home studio spaces, our sacred virtual offices to meet our clients in.  (We def birthed our business during covid & have been seeing more ppl irl in the past few months!)  Allie is based on the east coast while Hilary & Isabella are based on the west.  These studios are our private, sometimes perfectly lit oases.  We know how the environment influences the healing even if the energy is through a screen.  P* recognized that Allie was in a new setting because of the giant Amazonian art piece on the wall. Yes the Airbnb in Lourdes, Belo Horizante was reppin’ a giant, graphic rainforest print.  How gorgeous, right?  We hold a tender awareness of how to initiate a strong container for peoples, for those seeking our services, seeking our help.  We seek to create steadiness which we associate with serenity.  Yet while seeing clients away from home, it became illuminated that change can most certainly be serene, too.  It is not only the place that has the ability to ground the person yet also the person who has the capacity to ground the space. We are seeing it as a confluence of care.  The persons & the places. 

As we have been working away from our respective home bases (Hilary planning her sis’ wedding in Mexico & then w her Momma in the desert; Isabella w her bestie in Alaska; Allie celebrating her dear friend’s wedding in Brazil) we arrive grounded. Botanicals allow for energetic & physiological attention to our biomes which allows our body to be our home regardless of place, or space.  Here’s what we’re doing & how we’re doing it.   

beach traveling

When soaking in sun rays, focus on your dermal biome.  

internal sunscreen protection thanks to the power of antioxidants. I load up on this a week before traveling if I remember! It helps to prevent burning & free radical damage.

︎Badger sunscreen
their active waterproof zinc line is︎

︎Lavender (Lavandula) hydrosol
an after sun soother & doubles for sleep aromatherapy. ︎ Try Lavender Botanical Water.

︎Rosehip seed, St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), Sea Buckthorn Oil(s) for facial care!  ︎TrDusk, a super soothing evening serum. 

desert traveling

tOh it’s going to be hot & dry?  Think simple- hydration.  I always travel with my electrolytes.  

︎ Hyaluronic acid
helps my skin stay hydrated

+ lotsa oils & balms to create a protective barrier on my skin.  ︎Try the daily serum, Dawn.

︎ Liquid concentrated chlorophyll
Are you in the high dez, friends?  This is best to oxygenate my red blood cells with the elevation changes. Start a few days before travel & continue during the trip, too!

︎Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) tincture
perf for circulating and dilating blood vessels to keep up with the altitude changes.  ︎Try our custom formulas for you!

immune health

Tend to your inner cellular army. Bolstering immunity when on the road or in the air is easy to do with herbs.

︎ Pure Defense w/ NAC by Pure Encapsulations.
Overall immune defense through the vitamin + mineral route.  Try any blend with vitamin c, d & zinc.  Then look for upper respiratory & liver support with n-acetyl cysteine.

︎ Straight up Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) tincture! Turn on immune system function & keep your lymph flowing.  If feeling the onset of symptoms, try a loading dose for the first 24hrs.  This is when you take a full dropper as frequently (try 1x/hr) at the first tickle of infection.  Prepare for tongue numbing (it’s all good ︎).

Other single herbal extracts I tend to have on hand:
︎ Calendula (Calendula officinalis) for wound care, digestive support, canker sores.
︎ Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) - first aid, fever, super antimicrobial capabilities.  ︎ Try Yarrow Flower Drops.  
︎ Kava Root (Piper methysticum) - pain reducer, sleep aid, stress support.  This is such special medicine!

digestive health

Let’s be real, nobody’s digestion is perfect when they’re away from home.  Botanicals really shine here for alleviating & supporting you so you can digest & enjoy superb local flavors & food. Movement  is priority here, too.  

︎ Yellow dock (Rumex crispustincture -  Helps regulate the bowel movement dance! Constipation can set in w/ time zone & dietary shifts or lessened intake of fiber, veg, etc.   I take 5 dropperfuls before bed to help acclimate my body to new spaces & places. ︎Try our custom tincture formulas for you!

︎ Carry tea bags of chamomile or peppermint so when you eat foods you may not normally eat, you can soothe your tummy.  You can always mix & match, too.  Look for organic brands, let us blend you your own custom formula or ︎Try Gut Tea. 

As always, find local herb shops & support them, & grocery stores with tea aisles.  Chamomile is pretty universal. Lavender is, too.
I think dosing yourself with herbs for the nervous system while you travel is like a 24hr caipirinha.  Whether you’re wfb or with family & friends, travel well & be well.

︎ from, Hilary Go  


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