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Season of Things That Bloom

The nature of our product line is artisanal, hand-harvested & hand-made. 
It’s led by the seasons.
We love this as we are able to share what is fresh & in season.

Before Your Visit

How You Will Approach All Of This  

Portal We have another space where we video visit you, you share your labwork, we can text one another.   See that royal purple button on the bottom right?  If you haven’t signed up through there, do that. 

Cancellation ︎︎︎
24 Hours Notice.  If we need to cancel (birth, sick child, etc). we will give you 10% off your session & rebook you ASAP. 

Time Zone
Our calendar is in Pacific Standard.  If you are booking from Denmark, Boston, Milwaukee or Shanghai, note & convert appt. time if need be.  We are in PST.   If you need confirmation, Message Us (below) or email Thea at thea@tryearthallies.com.

We book your second appointment 4-5 weeks after your initial consult.  Your Practitioner will do this with you when your first session ends.  If you need to change it, you can do so by booking directly with ︎ Allie ︎Hilary or ︎Isabella Ayala.

Your custom formulas will ship 4-7 days after your initial consult.  These can include teas, tinctures, topicals, supplements.