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Milk Thistle

Why I Love Milk Thistle:

Life can be a painful celebration.  Life can be paradise!    Our bodies process millions of emotions on the daily alongside food, drink (pass the cachaça, obrigada) unknowns, love, literature, toxins, politics, ceremonies, relationships & other environmental influences.   The best we can do is support the process of it.  We can actively choose to move through it.  Right through it.   We do this through our liver.  Let our Milk Thistle help.  Add it to your weekly routine for two wks & see what I mean. 

Type of Herb: Hepatic & Hepatoprotective
Botanical Name: Silybum marianum
Plant family: Daisy

Drop in & get your first two week supply now to release & increase detoxification & promote optimal liver function.  

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