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Flower Drops

Ephemeral essence of fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers are gathered at peak aroma & cold-processed to make an extract that captures their true, vibrational nature. This is sweet intoxication ︎ A daily flower bomb ︎

Romantic to the core ︎ Sweet flavors for internal & external routines. ︎ Easy, organic, plant-based additions for Summer Cocktails & Mocktails. If you have ever wanted to drink petals, try these Flower Drops.

Take for a mood booster, uplifter, when you need flower energy right now.
Succulent & juicy!  A sweet (literally) & non-alcoholic way to enjoy Nature.
To be dropped directly into mouth if it’s your bottle

Add a drop to your daily skincare routine.
All of these are really lovely in a dollop of morning moisturizer or night cream when you want
to boost it with Rose (astringent, cooling, soothing),
Yarrow (circulating, stimulating, antimicrobial)Lavender (calming, redness & burn banishing),
Jasmine (neutral, antimicrobial, digestive aid), Lilac (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory), Apple Blossom & (rejuvenating).

That Moisture Boost
Made with a local humectant, Flower Drops help to draw water & hold it in your skin.
Flower Drops boost the moisturizing properties of the skincare you’re already putting on.
They are great in tandem with our Hydrosols, too. Enjoy!


This one always just hits.  Neroli Flower Drop is the one we pick to show what a Flower Drop is.  It’s attentive, prismatic, super deep.  Bold.  Flirty.  Effervescent.  We may have made a Sicilianesque aphrodisiac with a flavor profile in & of itself.  Get your orange blossom on.   

Organic flax glycerin,
fresh orange blossoms


This is an apple flower.  Refreshing.  Soft.  Tastes like an apple without the tartness.  Ancient Eden energy yet  Apple Blossom has something youthful, regenerative & purely playful about it.  Harvested from a multi-generational, familial apple tree. Lovely in Summer drinks!

Organic flax glycerin,
fresh apple blossoms


Set the table.  Put out the plates.  Bring Lilac Flower Drop to the center.  Garden party approved.  Picnic basket essential.  A timeless herbal bouquet!  Floral & calming.   Bossy in a soft way.  Multigenerational.  Maternal.  Mature.  Lovely in skincare for its warming & astringent properties. 

Organic flax glycerin,
fresh lilac petals


From morning to midnight, envelop yourself in this rich, animalistic Flower Drop.  During the day, this is lovely in green tea &/or boba.    Use in the night as a nocturnal perfume.  As a vine, Jasmine envelops what it grows around.  Similarly, the sense & the taste can be all encompassing, transportive & comforting.  Primal floral vibes. 

Organic flax glycerin,
fresh jasmine blossoms


Fresh chamomile is on another level.  If you’re a drinking chamomile type (dried in a tea) this is a brighter, honey-er, version.  Calming, complex & safe for all.  A must for teething babies. (Drop directly into mouth or on finger & apply.) A must for fussy toddlers & stressy adults, too.  Perfect for pre-wedding nerves & any other scenario you need complete zen & sweet bliss!

Organic flax glycerin,
fresh chamomile flowers


Fresh rose petals.
Moistening, cooling & sublime. An aromatic haiku.
A humectant, rose petals adds and retains moisture in our tissues.  We love Rose Flower Drop for all skin types & it is especially lovely for sensitive & maturing skin.  Supportive during times of grief & heartache, Rose shows us the balance between strong boundaries & an open heart.

Organic flax glycerin,
fresh rose petals


Light, bright and instantly joy-inspiring, we are essentially calling it sun nectar in a bottle.  Drop this bright beauty directly on your tongue, sparkling water or add a drop to your skincare ritual for its softening & regenerative properties.  Lemon Blossom tastes warm & eager, a divine tang & sweet way to uplift & focus.  

Organic flax glycerin, fresh lemon blossoms


Yar-row it is.  Imbibe often.
With the striking duality of bitter & sweet, any curious palette will say yes to this well-rounded sensation.  It’s the unsung hero of our flower drops.  Prepare thoughtful mocktails or cocktails with this one.  A nourishing aid to your energetic boundaries.  A blood, vessel and circulation powerhouse, find flow internally and externally through Yarrow. Supremely support your oral health by massaging into sore gums post-dental visit. Give it a drop!  See what Yarrow is all about.

Organic flax
glycerin, fresh yarrow flowers


Soft & infinite.  Earthy & ethereal.
Lavender Flower Drop adjusts the mood by uplifting the spirit & grounding the nerves.  It’s moment medicine.  Lavender will help slow you down, aligning you to a sustainable pace.  A few dropperfuls transforms your morning bev into an instant lavender latte.  During PM, try weaving this into your wind down ritual and sleep routine.   It feels especially designed for artists, elementary school teachers and the like.

Organic flax glycerin, fresh lavender flowers

Broth Broth, Baby

Antiviral Herbs & Healing Foods
to Support an Infant Recovering from COVID 

︎︎︎ Allie who stepped into foster motherhood (also known as motherhood) earlier this year, offers tips she has layered into nourishing her now 10-month-old daughter (referred to as bambina here).  

We can do lots to strengthen immunity, ease cough & chest congestion & soothe their tiny nervous systems as they recover from compromised immune systems.   We can do this:

Broth, broth, baby
Add broth to everything.  Especially while she is sick, I turn to broth to cook this bamina’s gnocchi, use it to purée her sweet potatoes or love it as the water portion in oatmeal.   Savory style.   I use a crock pot & grass-fed beef bones, leftover plant parts from my freezer & herbs like mineral-rich Nettle (Urtica dioica) & Thyme.  Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is an approachable, antiviral herb.  It’s also immuno-modulating, anti-inflammatory, & antioxidant, too. (1)  For an absolutely wonderful listen, tune into a podcast on Medicinal Broth by The Herbal Highway if you’re ready to up your broth game with the wisdom of Renée Camila.

Hydration,  the antiviral way
Try this easy Viral Shaker Tea, a yummy blend of herbs to strengthen immunity.   With several tbsps of Wild Cherry Bark (Prunus serotina) & a half gallon of distilled water, I put this on the stove to simmer for 2 hours in order to really draw the medicine out of the Wild Cherry Bark.  Then I bring it down to a gentle simmer & add the lighter herbs: 1 tbsp of antiviral Lemon Balm (Melissa offic) + 1 tbsp of Nettle. Once this big batch of tea cools, I use this as 1 part of her formula feeding. So if in her bottle is 3 scoops formula for 6 ounces of water, I exchange 3 ounces of that water with the Viral Shaker Tea.  Keep the same amount of formula scoops.  If breastfeeding, drink directly from a bottle or mix with breast milk if you have a frozen supply. 

At the Sowa Market last Sunday, Kathy from Sol Gardens Flower Farm in Concord, Massachusetts gifted us a handful of Asian pears.  Monday I was blanching & pureeing them (skins & all).  Pears (Pyrus pyrifolia) have an affinity for the lungs, something my first herbal teacher, Kara Sigler taught me.  How?  They add moisture to the lungs & decongest the pathways. (2) 

Keep it Simple
Chamomile Flower Drop  is an ally for this bambina as she teethes.  Four full teeth & two more coming down!  It's also been calming for her.  And for me.  While widely used for digestive uses in children & adults alike, Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), is also an antiviral. (3)  Additionally, since rest is paramount in any sick symptom-picture, choosing to dose Chamomile throughout the day either with the Flower Drop, in tea form (plain in a baby bottle) or mixed with formula similar to Viral Shaker Tea is a simple idea for all.  A settled nervous system supports a bolstered immune system.  Everything is connected. 

I have these lovely cinnamon sticks that I add directly to her morning oatmeal.  Sweet style!  Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), is very warming.  It’s important to energetically keep the body warm during periods of recovery.  (BTW this picture was taken several months ago!)  Cinnamon works well here.  Cinnamon sticks in particular because the flavor comes from the steam of the bark (keep the lid on !) instead of cinnamon powder which, in my opinion, tends to add a dry nature to any meal.  You may enjoy reading about how Cinnamon constituents may inhibit virus proliferation too. (4). 

Antiviral - herbs that bolster the immune system  

(A Few) Antiviral Herbs
that are safe for infants:
Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Thyme, Cinnamon

  1. Food is medicine
  2. We are not powerless as caregivers to babies with viruses
  3. Think: energetics, calming nerves, antivirals through food 
  4. Dial in your own self-care so you will sustain the marathon of caring for others

(1) Thyme Vulgaris, a natural pharmacy against COVID 19: a molecular review
(2) Eating for Healing: Pears Three Ways
(3) Antiviral Activity of Chamomile
(4) Cinnamon and its Possible Impact on COVID-19

If you’re seeking support to source herbs or other forms of allies as you support a little being, you’re welcome to reach out.  Email Allie (allie@tryearthallies.com) with subject line Broth Broth, Baby!

Take good care!


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