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Mother Earth Herself & 

support your evolution organically & sustainably with daily plant & herb based formulas. 

Supporting your biomes + body in organic ways.

Be Really Seen & Feel Really Well

We Are

Earth Allies is a human and plant-centered telehealth network, led by a team of holistically minded clinical herbalists and nutrition experts.


We offer 1:1 Wellness Consultations that dive deep into your body as a self-healing ecosystem. Our services support what we call the BIOMES of your body. Digestive, cervical, dermal, mental and cyclical biomes are some of our specialties. Peruse our focused biome offerings below and you’ll be paired with a specialist.


You Are

You are a plant-curious human ready to align your health goals in a grounded & safe container. You desire to expand your capacity to feel well, seen and held through your healing journey.


You are lit up by the idea of deepening your relationship with herbs, whole foods and daily rituals.   You are ready to approach your health from a root-cause perspective and make a commitment to integrate the transformations you want to see in your life.


Organic Journey for Cyclical Health

There is actually nothing more nourishing than being in an honest & understanding relationship with your cycle, with the parts of you that are designed to evolve, birth, bleed, become.  For those assigned female at birth, the wombsphere is intuitive, wise & often challenging.  Menstruation specifically is so nuanced, so full of potential.  Our cyclical wellness sessions tune into this ecosystem of the body.  We listen to your specific cyclical pattern because we know every menstruating folk is different.  We all bleed uniquely.   Clinically, we create a platform to nourish your liver, your blood, your pelvic area, & create a balanced, realistic protocol to support you with PMS, mood swings, fertility q’s,  cramps, uterine fibroids & hormonal health.   Filled with circulatory stimulants, alteratives & anti-spasmodic herbs, we guide you into the botanical world & tailor custom tinctures, teas & advice for you & your body.  Approached from a Chinese Medicine lens, our ongoing support is perfect for those looking to reset the story of being in a bleeding body. 

︎  USD $264

In Full

︎   USD $88.00

In Installments over 3mo

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Organic Journey for Cervical Health

This is your custom, ongoing, süper supportive realm for your cervixsphere.   
Guided by an Herbal Practitioner, this is suited for those who have been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia & seek to add complementary, organic approaches in the form of teas, tinctures, diet & other recommendations.  Recalibrating your cervicovaginal biome is a vulnerable, ongoing process.  Let’s.  Do.  It.  All bodies welcome.  

Pay in Full ︎ ︎  USD $264

Pay in Installments ︎ ︎  USD $88

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1:1 Organic Journey for Gut Health

This is your individualized deep dive into the internal & external ecosystem(s) of your belly.  You will have an easeful, herbal checklist & journey mapped out that aligns with your goal.  Dietary plans & supplement suggestions that are appropriate for your body will also be included.  This journey is the beginning to aligning right smack alongside your fullest potential.  
Guided by a Gut Biome Practitioner, this is suited for those who are experiencing sibo, gut inflammation, parasites, mold, ibs, ibd, lethargy, brain fog, weight gain or bloating.


︎ ︎  USD $264.00

In Full 

︎ ︎  USD $88.00

Pay in Installments over 3mo

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